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Enova Kitten with Chicken & Fish 1,5kg



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Complete dry food for kittens of all breeds and for pregnant and lactating queens.

Complete dry food for kittens of all breeds and for pregnant and lactating queens.

The added chicory plays an important regulatory role on intestinal function: rich in inulin, it acts as prebiotic, because it promotes the growth of beneficial enteric bacteria, reducing therefore the risk of onset of enteric troubles and diarrhoic events.
Thanks to its formula rich in protein & fat, ENOVA KITTEN is suitable also for pregnant & lactating queens, as well as in other occasions (anorexia, recovery from surgery etc.) in which cats show increased energy requirements.


ENOVA KITTEN is the nutritional proposal of ENOVA for growing kittens. The combined inclusion of chicken, fish and eggs, ensures high palatability levels and, most important, a various and complete protein supply, a subject of great importance in the crucial growing phase. Very important is also to ensure a sufficient amount of Omega 6 & Omega 3 fatty acids: their beneficial effects include the improvement of the condition of skin & coat and the correct development of the central nervous system and sense organs.


Dried chicken meat, rice, chicken fat, rice gluten, fish meal, liver meal, protein hydrolysate, egg powder, flaxseed, dried beet pulp, cellulose, rice bran, dried yeast, fish oil, chicory powder, potassium chloride, sodium chloride. Antioxidants: tocopherols, propyl gallate.


Moisture 10%, crude protein 33%, crude fat 22,5%, crude fibre 4%, crude ash 7,5%, calcium 1,25%, phosphorus 1%, magnesium 0,07%, omega 6 2,8%, omega 3 0,8%


Metabolizable Energy: 4084 kcal/kg
Taurine: 1.800 mg/kg