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Enova is an Ultra Premium cat and dog food producer from Italy.

The ingredients in Enova have been carefully selected to achieve 100% complete and healthy food, that protect your pets health and wellbeing. Only raw materials from animal origins (meats and fats) are used in all Enova products. Enova pet foods are cruelty free and are suitable for human consumption.

All the ingredients are produced within the EU (excepting the lamb meat from New Zealand) and are free from GMO according the UE reg. 830/2003. The main ingredients are purchased directly from the same producers, and not through brokers: this is a guarantee of product uniformity and nutritional safety

Dried meats are used instead of fresh meats, because dried meathas a water content of approx. 10%: this means that the remaining 90% is full of nutrients. On the other side, fresh chicken contains approx. 70% of water, and therefore the dry matter accounts for just 30%. To be short, this means that 100 grams of dried meat is more nutritious than 100 grams of fresh meat.

One of the main ingredient in almost all of the pet foods is rice, which is onethe most digestible grain: its starch is absorbed by dogs & cats more or less completely; this doesn’t happen with other grains (corn, wheat, oat), in which starch availability to digestion is lower. If you add to this the fact that rice contains no gluten, the protein that can cause allergic reaction in sensitive (celiac) dogs.

All Products have high content in Omega 6 & Omega 3 essential fatty acids, which have beneficial effects on skin, coat, immune system, liver and, in growing animals, on the development of the nervous system and sense organs

  • Do not contain corn
  • Do not contain whey
  • Do not contain soy
  • Ingredients suitable for human consumption
  • No preservatives or coloring agents.

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