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Training Treats for Dogs Soft Bones 150g

2,90 €

19,33 €/Kg

Complementary feed for dogs.


SKU: 501543
Qty: 7
Soft snacks - As a training reward or snack.
For training balls: does not crumble – does not disturb the diet when rightly dosed.

Not for human consumption. Provide fresh water for your pet at all times. Limited shelf life once opened.

Composition: Grains and vegetable by-products (65%) of which 2% rice flour in lamb/rice and salmon/rice; oils and fats (19%); meat and animal derivatives (7%) of which 2% lamb meal in lamb and lamb/rice; 4% poultry meal in chicken and game/chicken; 2% game meal in game/chicken; 2% beef meal in beef, 2% tripe meal in tripe, propylene glycol (4%); fish and fish by products (2,5% salmon oil) in salmon and salmon/rice Additives: nutritional additives: Iron(III)oxide 830 mg/kg

Flamingo Pet Products

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