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BioThane Collar Orange 25mm x 55cm



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BioThane Collar Orange 25mm x 55cm
BioThane is defined as a PVC coated nylon produced in USA. BioThane is 100% waterproof, it will remain soft and flexible to -28 degrees C, wipes clean in seconds, is completely maintenance free. Revolutionary synthetic material has the look and feel of leather, provides exceptional grip and strength, wicks away water and will not fray.
• Extremely resistible material
• Variety of wonderful bright colors that do not fade in the sun
• Wear resistant
• Does not absorb moisture, dirt, smells
• Does not get more heavy in water
• Easy to clean and maintenance
• Remains soft and flexible at low temperatures
• 100% waterproof
How to choose collar size? Collar size is length of the material from buckle to the lost hole.
Collar is adjusted by 10 cm. 25 mm wide.